Replacement Parts - We currently manufacture thousands of parts for all types of industrial food processing and packaging equipment.  Many parts contain design improvements over the original OEM part.  In fact, it would be more accurate to say we make performance parts for food processing and packaging equipment.  The list of parts in our inventory grows everyday and many hard to find parts are in stock.  Parts for popular machines are added to catalogs which can be viewed in our catalog section.  Rush delivery is available.  Call today to check on pricing and availability. 


Change Parts - This is a term generally used for fillers.  Most companies have products which need to be packaged in different sizes and types of containers.  Instead of having multiple machines dedicated to each respective product container size, many companies use one machine with a set of "change parts".  Change parts are a set of parts which are put on a machine to either decrease or increase the allowable product fill portion.  Change parts may also be used to allow for different types of containers, such as switching from filling glass bottles to filling metal cans.


New Machines - If you are considering purchasing a new piece of machinery from someone else...wait!  We can build you the same machine at a fraction of the cost.  We guarantee our machines to meet or exceed the OEM performance.  Every effort is made to build upon the strengths of an OEM design and eliminate the weaknesses to increase production and decrease downtime.  Often times, machines must be customized from their stock design when they first reach the factory floor.  Perhaps the stock machine conveyor must be stripped off and a custom in-house conveyor put on to be consistent with the rest of the factory.  In-house modifications such as these can be integrated into the machine design before it reaches your door to save you even more money.  The same quality parts and services you have come to expect from Replica Sales are available for these machines as well.


Used Machines - Although we are not officially machine brokers and do not actively pursue the buying and selling of equipment, we do occasionally end up with machines to rebuild and sell.  However, don't let the name "used machinery" fool you.  These are quality machines rebuilt to function at 100% or more of the original design specifications.  View a selection of excellent machinery in the for sale section.


Perforation Coder - Simply Perf Coder for short.  This system is ideal for placing an identification, such as a line number, on a product box.  This system utilizes a stamping plate which contains an array of needles in the shape of a number.  This stamp is mounted on an air cylinder which actuates as a box passes by.  The array of pins perforates the surface of the box to leave a trackable identification, but does not penetrate all the way through the box to damage the product.  Our Perf Coder may be used as a backup or supplement to inkjet systems or as a standalone marking method. 



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