Catalogs - If you have a production machine which requires frequent replacement parts, this is the service for you.  We compile a list of the parts and services you require and standardize them into an easy to read and reference catalog- at no cost to you!  We produce the catalog free of charge just for the opportunity to provide you with quality parts.  This catalog is complete with pictures and descriptions of the parts.  This service is especially useful for older machines or custom machines which have no parts manuals.  It's also useful for machines with manuals written in other languages or have been translated poorly.  As we learn more about your machine, tips and tricks for your machine may also be incorporated making the catalog a useful tool.


Rebuilds - Is your product becoming too variable? Are you constantly broke down?  It may be time to rebuild your production workhorse.  Let us assess your machine and discuss your options for rebuilding.  Perhaps your machine needs a comprehensive overhaul or maybe it just needs a few parts here and there.  Either way, we have a solution which meets your needs.  We guarantee your machine will operate at the OEM specifications or better.  See the FAQ section for tips on increasing the life of your machine.


Emergency Service - Replica Sales and Engineering prides itself on the ability to respond to emergency situations which may arise during your production.  We realize that every minute a machine or line is down, it's costing you money.  That's why we have service technicians who are also pilots.  These service technicians can respond to emergencies all around the country using our company aircraft.


End of Year Buyback Program - Is your accounting department forcing you to throw away valuable inventory used to maintain your production equipment at the end of the year?  Replica Sales and Engineering announces the End of Year Buyback program.  We buy back those hard to get parts at scrap prices and put them back into our inventory.  Note that parts are purchased back are at our discretion and this does not necessarily guarantee you will be receiving the exact same parts if you need to order them again.


Consultant Engineering Solutions -  Not every problem can be solved with an established method or machine.  Consider our staff of engineers who have actually worked in the food industry and are aware of the special regulations (USDA, FDA), material requirements (food contact), and environmental conditions (harsh wash downs). 


General Machine Shop - It takes a state of the art, highly capable manufacturing facility to produce such excellent parts.  Why not put this shop to use for you?  Let us handle those little odd jobs which arise.  We offer very competitive rates for all your machine shop needs.



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