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Do you have a machine that is difficult to purchase parts for?  Maybe the parts must be ordered from another country, or the parts have outrageous lead times.  Perhaps the OEM no longer exists.  Are the prices breaking your budget and you feel like you are subject to price gouging?  Let us help!  At Replica, we realize the tight budgets maintenance departments are under.  Let us support those problem machines.  At no cost to you, we will become experts on your machine.  Then we can provide you with a professional, easy to read catalog that you can use to purchase parts and services- with prices up to 50% off the OEM!

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  Celebrating 24 years of providing quality products and services to the food processing and packaging industry!  Started in 1986 by Gary Lorber, an acclaimed food processing plant engineer, we have become a premiere alternative for parts and services.


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Want your filler to operate at 100-125% of the original design specifications?  Let Replica Sales and Engineering rebuild it for you!

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  Is your accounting department forcing you to throw away valuable inventory used to maintain your production equipment at the end of the year?  Replica Sales and Engineering announces the End of Year Buyback program.  We buy back those hard to get parts at scrap prices and return them to our inventory.


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